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eduNEXT & Course template ENGLISH
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This is a course created using one of eduNEXT's Course boilerplates.
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About this course

This is a demo course to showcase how a course works and looks like


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eduNEXT Technical Team

The eduNEXT technical team is committed to developing and implementing new features to help course creators make their courses amazing.
Our team of specialists has been working exclusively in Open edX related projects for over 4 years providing Software as a service hosting solutions, consulting services, technology integration, content creation, and professional e-learning solutions and infrastructure for a wide range of online education, training and assessment initiatives around the world.
We strongly believe that democratizes education is both possible and needed. We are working on promoting Open edx technology to deliver top-notch education. We are sure that learning education can change lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended browser for the course?

The online learning platform that this course uses works best with the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge.

In case of using Internet Explorer, we recommend version 11, to support all functional and interactive components of the course.

What are the technical requirements to take the course?

It requires a computer, tablet or cell phone with internet access, a connection to the network with enough bandwidth for video streaming, and that the network has no restrictions for the use of youtube, which is the platform through the Which course videos are published.

Enrollment is Closed